People worth mentioning:

Desmet, Hilde: Belgian writer, poet and blogger  (in Dutch)

Dillemans, Sam: Belgian contemporary painter and extraordinary thinker

Gohitsu Shodo Studio: Esteban Martinez, shodo and aikido sensei who offers high quality online shodo courses

Gronda, Paul Baeten: Belgian catchy, witty and edgy fiction and column writer

Studio Seicho: calligraphy design studio that offers traditional and innovative Japanese calligraphy

Verhaeghe, Paul: Belgian psychoanalyst

Verstraeten, Bram: Belgian contemporary artist

Organizations worth mentioning:

Sangob Foundation: Foundation of Laurent Chiarelli, Belgian, living in Thailand. Their mission is to preserve ancient artistic, agricultural and cultural knowledge of Thailand.

MO* (Mondiaal nieuws): Belgian magazine that focuses on Third World and developing countries, on topics related to sustainability. I frequently publish articles in the ‘world blog’ section.

Vlamingen in de Wereld: organization that builds a bridge between Flanders and migrated Flemish people all over the world by sharing information and ideas.

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